Seal Rock is a small Lincoln County community along Highway 101, just south of Newport. 
These "Seal Rocks" form a ledge of partially submerged rocks in the Pacific Ocean surfline. They extend parallel to the coast for about two and a half miles at a distance of a half mile from the beach. The highest rock rises about 20 feet out of the water. There is one large rock at the shoreline and many smaller ones. The place was called Seal Illahe, Chinook for seal home or seal place. Seal Rock's first post office was established April 25, 1890. 
Bottom Fishing, muscle harvesting and clamming are very productive here at Seal Rock.
There are antique shops, woodcarvers' galleries and other specialty shops. 
Visitors enjoy beachcombing, agate hunting, surfcasting, rock fishing and observing sea life in the tidepools offshore. There are several turnouts along the highway and at Seal Rock State Park. 
The Gull House is located just south of Seal Rock State Park and is within walking distance to the park.
For your culinary enjoyment, there are a couple of small restaurants/diners in Seal Rock.  Yuzen Japanese Restaurant, well known for it's excellent sushi, is a short 1/4 mile walk from the Gullhouse.  The reviews on TripAdvisor for Yuzen's are remarkable!  

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